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Jason Harding, Macomb, Michigan

Weekend in Havana, December 2019

Very interesting. I did a lot of research so it was close to what I expected. Enjoyed the food, coffee, and general sightseeing. No problems with this trip.

William West, Ventura, California

Western Cuba culture, November 2019

Without exception, everyone we met in Cuba, both on tour and our own, were warm, welcoming, engaging, and fun to be with: in a word, delightful. My wife and I have traveled extensively, and we felt entirely at home everywhere we went across Cuba, from Havana to Trinidad. My wife and I fulfilled a life-long desire to experience for ourselves the history and vibrant culture of Cuba. The music is unforgettable, the art scene is cutting edge, and the chance to interact with professionals from all walks of Cuban life was inspiring and eye-opening. The guides were well versed in their fields, and their presentations were informative as well as entertaining. The restaurants we visited were all beautiful, and the service was impeccable, but the menus seem to get a bit repetitious. Perhaps this is mostly out of your control.

Karma Stark, Mantua, New Jersey

Weekend in Havana, November 2019

It was a wonderful experience! The people were friendly and the food was delicious! I saw many interesting sites. I would recommend anyone to take this tour.

Paul Kellett, Gadsden, Alabama

Paul Kellett in Cuba, November 2019

The Cuban people are very helpful kind and sincere. Great prices on food and drinks – both were awesome. The experience was very laid back – no rushing from A to B. Our tour guild she was amazing and very knowledgeable. Ready to go back!

Alan Hickox, Aberdeen, Maryland

Wild Cuba adventure, November 2019

Very interesting. I now have a better understanding of their history and culture, and can contrast the parts that are better than the US, and parts where the US is better. I really liked the cool mixture of activities and our guide Mandy’s great explanations. We probably asked him a 100 questions and he always answered superbly and patiently. I thought many of the meals were too sophisticated. It was all very healthy, but I wanted some simpler meal options, like Italian food or cheeseburger sometimes.

Beth Neiderman, Ventnor, New Jersey

Weekend in Havana, November 2019

We loved this trip. Everyone was friendly, the food everywhere we went was excellent, and the accommodations were terrific. Most special: the food, the people, our tour guide and our driver. They were so kind and knowledgable and really made our trip memorable. We thought the trip was great

Mohammad Rahimi, Brentwood, Tennessee

Moh Rahimi in Cuba, November 2019

We really enjoyed our trip to Cuba. people are very nice respectful and friendly, Cuba is very safe, even safer than the US. We walk late at night around town with no problem. We liked the classic cars and coconut taxis, we enjoyed the farm, villages and historic sights. We liked the mountaintop excursion and Indian cave.

Eston Schwartz, Columbia, Missouri

Eston Schwartz in Cuba, November 2019

People were so friendly and giving. We were walking on the street in Havana and people would come up to talk to us and never ask for anything in return. Of course, culture is exciting and colorful. Our tour guide Arlene Ramirez was great. Meeting people like Dairen Perez at the botanical gardens was special. The Viñales trip was great to see the countryside and get out of the tourist areas.

Deborah Parker Powell, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Weekend in Havana, November 2019

I love the people. They were gracious, kind, and beautiful. I loved talking with the professor and learning about the history of the music. Our guide Geldrys and driver Sergio were highlights. The group was small and personal. I really like the trip.  No complaints. Everything you said it would be, it was. Thank you for your professionalism.

Susan Moguel, West Palm Beach, Florida

Weekend in Havana, November 2019

Beautiful place with lots of interesting venues, and people who are friendly and welcoming. I loved that we ventured out of the city center to see places we might not otherwise if we weren’t on a tour. Also, I can’t say enough good things about our guide Geldrys and driver Sergio. What an amazing team. Highly recommend them! The tour was amazing. My only suggestion would be to allow for a little more free time and on-your-own meals. There were restaurants and places I would’ve like to visit if there was the time and opportunity.

Rene Houghland, Nashville, Tennessee

Rene Houghland in Cuba, October 2019

I can’t get Cuba out of my mind. Gretel was the perfect hostess and guide. We learned more than I ever imagined. Can’t wait to go back! I loved the gorgeous beach and city tour excursions. A perfect time in every way.

Kirsten Jensen, Vienna, Virginia

Western Cuba culture, October 2019

Cuba is an exciting country with a rich and colorful history. I really enjoyed learning about the intricate culture and history. The Cuban people are friendly, helpful and gracious and resilient.
It was wonderful to be able to experience a variety of cities and rural areas. My guide and driver, Claudia and Santiago, went above and beyond to make my trip the best it could possibly be. They both deserve big raises and more responsibility. They can handle everything and are such professionals. No problems.

David Prensky, Yardley, Pennsylvania

Weekend in Havana, October 2019

Wonderful, warm people! I’ll remember our walking tour of Old Havana and our guide Rachel forever.

Sharon Macias, Palm Desert, California

Sharon Macias in Havana, October 2019

I was very impressed with the people, the culture, and the spirit of the people. I can see how they struggle for things we take for granted, wi-fi, electricity, gas. Yet, they are resilient and always hopeful. I loved architecture, history, and music. I especially enjoyed my time with Ivia and Aresenio (my guide and driver). They were terrific. Knowledgeable and fun. Like being with good friends. Spending time with the National Ballet de Cuba, and Laura Alonso and her company was a highlight. The dancers are exquisite, beautifully trained. The Alicia Alonso Theater is stunning. The Alonsos are a family of ballet, a dynasty of great talent that has left a tremendous impact in Havana and beacon of hope for aspiring dancers.

Marcia Hajduk, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Old Havana and the sea, October 2019

I had a very positive reaction to the people despite their many limitations. We enjoy the intimate relationship with our guide and driver. The interaction was beyond my expectations. We were able to have all our questions answered. No problems. Everything went smoothly.